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Keeping it Clean & Classy

The Perfect Way to Keep the Bottom
of your Bag Clean!

Keeping it Clean & Classy

Protect your Pocketbook from Germs and Bacteria.

Keeping it Clean & Classy

Keep your Backpack Clean  the Perfect
Backpack Accessory

Keeping it Clean & Classy

Keep your Kid’s School Bags Free of Harmful Contaminants.



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The Pocketbook Protector is the ideal solution!

This product was created to safeguard your pocketbook from hazardous pollutants in high-traffic locations such as restrooms or dining rooms. It’s also great for protecting your bag while traveling so it stays clean and serves as an extra level of protection during the COVID Pandemic.

Protect the bottom of your bag

The Reusable Pocketbook Protector

is a sanitary and safe way to protect your pocketbook from contact with potentially harmful contaminants. This product is made of durable materials that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

The Disposable Pocketbook Protector

is a hygienic way to keep your pocketbook clean and free of germs. It’s a thin, lightweight material that you can place on your pocketbook or bag, no matter where you are. It’s perfect for public places like bathrooms, dining rooms, and changing tables.

Comes 4 per box




The PocketBookProtector can be used in a number of different places in order to keep the bottom of your bag clean and free of germs.



 Baby changing stations

Car floors/ Airports/ Schools

Beach and Parks

 At Home: Tables, Counters, Beds

Various areas you don’t want to transfer germs

Best Quality

Our pocketbook protector is made out of the finest high-quality material. We take pride in our product and know that you will be satisfied with the protection it provides.

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